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1. External force hazards: because of the effect of external force in the process of transportation, installation and so on, the tube condenser will often endanger the steel plate shell exposed outside, causing cracks or other damage to the shell, which may be small in the initial stage and not easy to detect, but after a period of time, it will gradually expand and leak out.


2. Wear and corrosion. Some condensers have been used for many years now. The steel pipe wall is corroded by impurities in cooling water and materials, which causes certain harm to the pipe wall. In addition, in order to remove scale, mud, rust and so on, it is necessary to clean the pipe wall and shell once or twice a year, which also causes certain harm.


3. Poor welding quality


In most cases, the leakage of the condenser is on the weld between the end plate and the tube head. Weld leakage can only be explained as welding quality problems. Because this part is usually welded by manual arc welding, there are some phenomena such as slag inclusion, bubbles, not full weld and not penetrated.


IV. Poor quality of steel pipes


Sometimes we find that the material between the rows rises from the nozzle of the rows, which indicates that the wall of the tube is damaged, and the material leaks into the pipe from the nozzle and then comes out from the nozzle. Tube condenser is exposed to the outside of the steel plate shell. The tube is evenly distributed in the shell, and both ends are welded on the ceiling at both ends of the shell. The tube will not be harmed by external forces. 

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