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During the operation of tube condenser, scale and dust are more easily polluted than other types of tube condenser because of its steam transpiration mechanism. Considering the protection of condenser is how to deal with the expansion of condenser. Tube condenser is operated outdoors. Because of transpiration, water outside the pipeline is easy to be corroded. In order to solve this problem, the upper and lower boxes of tubular condensers should meet the requirement of zinc thickness. Because of the continuous evaporation of water in the tube, it is easy to expand and shrink, which greatly reduces the heat transfer efficiency of the column-tube condenser. Therefore, the following methods can be used to deal with the fouling problem of the column condenser. Tube condenser is one of the main heat exchangers in refrigeration, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries. It is used in condenser. In fact, tubular condenser is a new energy-saving device, which has been applied in chemical industry. 在列管冷凝器的正常运行中,保持设备管路的清洁是很重要的,这样可以保护冷凝器的保护。选择悬臂式管壳式冷凝器,主机在启动的过程中停止,因为有一个压差和壳管式冷凝器线圈温度差异,压差和温度差异会导致铜连续弹性效应,规模为铜,质量,和不同的膨胀系数非常大,所以悬臂式管壳式冷凝器清洗的功能活跃。在运行过程中,由于制冷剂在管冷凝器的两个阶段中有较高的频率感觉,很难形成伸缩,使其无法粘附在墙上。在冷凝器的制造过程中,应进行预膜污染,以防止尘垢晶体粘附在铜管外。选择少量排水设备,控制一定范围内循环水钙离子浓度,以避免水垢。可以设置预冷器和使管壳式冷凝器管蒸腾的外表温度在50℃下,选择大密集水分配装置,确保管壳式冷凝器管外观小时电影被水覆盖,不干燥。当热交换盘管外表的温度小于50℃,宽松的规模和质量,容易清洗,当外部温度高于50℃,袭击的规模和质量强,难以根除。水板设置好,可以用来防止冷凝器冷凝。

In the normal operation of tube condenser, it is very important to keep the equipment pipeline clean, so as to protect the condenser. Selecting the cantilever shell-and-tube condenser, the main engine stops in the start-up process, because there is a pressure difference and the temperature difference of shell-and-tube condenser coil, the pressure difference and temperature difference will lead to the continuous elastic effect of copper, the scale of copper, mass, and different expansion coefficients are very large, so the cleaning function of cantilever shell-and-tube condenser Active. During operation, because refrigerant has a high frequency sense in the two stages of tube condenser, it is difficult to form expansion, which makes it impossible to adhere to the wall. Pre-membrane fouling should be carried out in the manufacturing process of condenser to prevent dust crystals from adhering to copper tubes. Select a small amount of drainage equipment to control the concentration of calcium ion in circulating water within a certain range to avoid scale. It is possible to set up a pre-cooler and make the tube of shell-and-tube condenser transpire at the surface temperature of 50 C, and select a large-density water distribution device to ensure that the film is covered by water and not dry when the tube is small. When the external temperature of the heat exchange coil is less than 50 C, the scale and quality of the coil are loose and easy to clean. When the external temperature is higher than 50 C, the scale and quality of the attack are strong and difficult to eradicate. The water plate is set up to prevent the condenser from condensing.

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