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The main materials of condenser are carbon steel, stainless steel and copper. When carbon steel tube sheet is used as cooler, corrosion leakage often occurs in the welds between tube sheet and tube. Leakage into cooling water system will cause environmental pollution and waste of materials. During the manufacture of condenser, manual arc welding is usually used for the welding of tube sheet and tube. There are some defects in the weld shape, such as depression, pore, slag inclusion, etc., and the stress distribution of the weld is not uniform. When used, the tubesheet part contacts with the industrial cooling water, and the impurities, salts, gases and microorganisms in the industrial cooling water will constitute the corrosion of the tubesheet and the weld. The results show that industrial water, whether fresh water or seawater, will have various ions and dissolved oxygen, in which chloride ion and oxygen concentration changes play an important role in the corrosion shape of metals.


In addition, the complexity of metal structure also affects the corrosion morphology. Therefore, pitting corrosion and crevice corrosion are the main corrosion types in the welds of tube sheets and tubes. From the appearance, there will be a lot of corrosion products and deposits on the surface of tubesheet, and there will be bubbles of different sizes. When seawater is used as medium, galvanic corrosion will also occur. Bimetallic corrosion is also a common phenomenon of tubesheet corrosion.


In view of the anti-corrosion problem of condenser, polymer composite materials are mostly used to protect condenser in Western countries. It has excellent adhesion, temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. It can be safely used in closed environment without shrinkage. Especially, it has good anti-corrosion and anti-erosion properties of bimetal, which fundamentally prevents corrosion leakage in repaired parts and provides a long-term protective coating for condensers. 

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